Weddings are the most important day in the lives of a couple who decided to take each other in marital union. Hence, preparing for one’s wedding takes a lot of time, resources and attention even to the tiniest details as the couple want this day to be the most perfect day for them and their loved ones whom they have asked to participate and witness their big day.

As there are different nationalities, ethnicities, religions and cultures, there are different types of wedding ceremonies available to couples who want to tie the knot. Some involve religion and faith, while others celebrate culture and traditions.

Church Wedding



This still remains the dream wedding for many brides-to-be. This wedding ceremony is usually held in the church near the bride or groom’s hometown or at an important church in their lives. Bride’s entourage walk ahead of her as the bride and her father walk down the aisle as the groom waits by the altar. The ceremony includes readings from the Bible, hymns and a sermon by the priest or the minister. Exchange of vows and rings between the couple are the highlights of the ceremony. This wedding ceremony is for Catholic and Christian couples.

Garden Wedding



A garden wedding may be decided by a couple whose love for the outdoors is just immense. A lot of couples opt to have a garden wedding in lieu of an indoor wedding simply because of the scenery. Nothing can be more romantic than exchanging vows amid the lush gardens and greenery. This ceremony is not allowed by the Catholic Church as marriage is a sacrament and should be celebrated in a holy place like a church, chapel or oratory.

Beach Wedding



A wedding ceremony by the beach is an ideal way to enjoy a fun, easy and stress-free wedding. Like garden weddings, this is usually chosen by couples who prefer a stunning natural beauty as the background. Similarly, this is not allowed by the Catholic Church. Most couples who choose this wedding ceremony are non-Catholics. Non-Islamic couples can choose to get married by the beach. Other religions and race also allow beach weddings.

Skydiving Wedding



This is the wedding ceremony for the adventurous. Typically, wedding ceremony is performed by an airborne preacher aboard the aircraft where the couple will exchange vows and seal the ceremony with a kiss. After the short airborne wedding ceremony the couple will skydive to the ground where their guests await them. This is a non-secular wedding ceremony, not allowed in Catholic union.

Underwater Wedding



Underwater wedding ceremonies are usually offered in countries with amazing underwater resources. One such country is Thailand, where underwater wedding has been made a festival of some sort. Divers who want to get married underwater can join the annual event held in Trang, a province in Thailand. Marriage registration takes place underwater. Traditional Thai wedding ceremonies including the pouring of water over the couple’s hands are done. This is a non-secular wedding ceremony although couples of any religion or race can choose this wedding ceremony, except for the Catholic couples.

Weddings is a great way to express your inherent creativity. As mentioned above, it is the most important day for the couple in celebrating their love for each other and making it too memorable is a prerequisite; hence, the birth of different types of wedding other than the traditional church wedding. If you want to know more about destination wedding, you can take a look at this site and be enthralled and inspired by these great destination wedding ideas.

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