For every bride and groom, their wedding day is the most important part of their life which they want to share with family and friends. And every wedding requires an entourage who will play supporting roles for the wedding ceremony. The bride and the groom should agree on who they want to participate in their wedding ceremony and what tasks are given to selected friends and family members.

Below are the members of the wedding entourage with their respective roles and responsibilities.

blog1Primary Sponsors. They are legally required in any wedding ceremony. They provide a sense of validity to the union between bride and groom because they sign as witnesses on the marriage contract. The primary sponsors also act as godparents for bride and groom, providing moral support to the couple in establishing a strong family. They can be relatives and friends of the bride and groom whose married life they want to emulate as they grow older as a couple.

Secondary Sponsors. They come in three pairs. The first pair will light the candles from the Paschal Candle. The second pair will drape and pin the veil over the groom’s shoulder and the bride’s veil. The last pair will lay the cord on the bride and groom.

Maid or Matron of Honor and Bridesmaids. The bride’s maid of honor or matron (if married) is the bride’s go-to girl. She can be a sister, a cousin, or a best friend. During the ceremony, she will assist the bride in everything from the bride’s gown train, to the bouquet, purse, etc. She will also organize a bridal shower for the would-be bride. The bridesmaids will assist the maid of honor in her tasks, or they can be the wedding reception committee if the bridesmaids are family relatives or friends.

blog11Best Man and Groomsmen. The groom chooses his best man and groomsmen from among his brothers, relatives and friends. It is the best man’s task to keep the groom composed and calm during the wedding. The best man organizes the bachelor’s party for the groom. And like the bridesmaids, the groomsmen assist the best man in his tasks.

Children in the Entourage. Depending on the requirements of the church or the wedding venue when it comes to the age of the children who are part of the entourage, bride and groom may choose the children from among their respective family circles and friends.

  • Flower Girls. They shower the aisle with flower petals in the beginning and at the end of the wedding march.
  • Ring Bearer. He carries the pillow that contains the wedding rings.
  • Coin Bearer. The boy carries the pillow that contains the wedding coins or arrhae needed in the ceremony.
  • Bible Bearer. The boy carries the bible during the wedding processional.

blog111Some members of the entourage in this article are only present when having church or traditional wedding. Since different wedding types have been created and ceremonies differ from culture to culture and religion; the above mentioned entourage list would not cover every wedding type.

You can see different wedding types here to give you ideas how you want to celebrate your wedding day.


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