Phuket Wedding Venue Ideas

Phuket Wedding Venue Ideas

Phuket is an incredible setting – one of the most gorgeous places on the globe. This island is the perfect place to begin a marriage – surrounded by the incredible natural wonders of a tropical paradise. There are so many options to host an unforgettable ceremony in any fashion on Phuket’s shores, in its beautiful temples and beaches, or in incredible opulence in luxury villas, resorts, and hotels. Here are just a few Phuket wedding venue ideas – the possibilities are vast.


beach_wedding_123720040745x745_36761523BEACH WEDDING

Home to some of the most incredibly breath taking coastline anywhere in the world, liberally sprinkled with fantastic beaches, Phuket’s sprawling coast features plenty of great locations to host a dream wedding. Its beautiful sandy beaches provide a huge selection of stunning ocean views, the awe inspiring presence of the sea, complemented by the stunning flora and the surrounding natural wonder land.

The beach wedding in Phuket is a classic option, sure to create a life long memory of a stunning event for all in attendance.


hotel_weddings_phuket_12343LUXURY HOTELS

There is no shortage of incredible hotels to select from in Phuket. These opulent constructions are magnificent works of architecture and provide a stunning interior and often unrivaled views. An incredible setting for any event, luxury hotels are an option which can combine wondrous luxury with all the comforts of modern high living.

Select from the huge variety of hotels and resorts, with options available for all sorts of stellar spaces to host exceptional ceremonies of all types and sizes.


luxury-villa-wedding-phuket1965626_640791789302013_624354419_o (1)PRIVATE LUXURY VILLAS

Phuket villas are some of the best in the world when it comes to wedding venues. Designed to suit every need of the most elegant lifestyle, these opulent dwellings are constructed on incredibly beautiful real estate. To compliment the surrounding natural wonderland are breath taking works of modern art and engineering, a stunning salute to human achievement which is an ideal location to host the most lavish of lifestyles or the most luxurious of weddings.

The huge selection of private luxury villas available in Phuket ensures there is a villa to match practically every description, available in any setting Phuket has to offer.


chapel-wedding-phuket-09809092342CHURCHES AND CHAPELS

For faiths of just about every denomination, there is a stunning church available to serve as a wedding ceremony. The wide variety of churches are available with beautiful views, incredible architecture and wonderful atmospheres. Find the church or chapel which provides the ideal wedding settings.


phuket-wedding-stock-footage-big-buddha-and-bells-in-phuket-thailandBUDDHIST TEMPLES

A truly stunning accomplishment of art, architecture, engineering and construction, Phuket is adorned with many stunning Buddhist temples. These temples are a wonderful setting for a ceremony, with eye catching traditional architecture situated on truly beautiful grounds. Often situated within some of the most incredible natural wonderlands, these temples provide as stunning a view as to be found anywhere, with the unmistakable atmosphere of the temple.


Phuket_Yacht_Charter_wedding_9082938402LUXURY YACHT

Just off the coast of Phuket is a wonderful location to get married as the island itself. Chartering a luxury yacht can be a fantastic way to provide a unique and unforgettable backdrop for a wedding ceremony. Cruising the beautiful Andaman Sea, luxury yachts are treated to a stunning view of Phuket and all of its ocean surroundings from an angle not usually observed.

The luxury yachts themselves are amazing in themselves. These beautiful water craft are an accomplishment in opulence and engineering, taking all the comforts and opulence of high modern living onto the sea. With truly massive yachts available, the luxury yacht is a great option for ceremonies large or small.



As perhaps a bit of a novel option, getting married underwater provides a unique, intriguing option which is sure to be remembered forever. Many services are available in Phuket to provide an underwater wedding service. Taking advantage of the generous beaches provided by Phuket’s long shore line, underwater wedding services typically happen just off the coast.

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