Get Some Tips & Ideas from Winnie & Gerran’s Engagement Session

Get Some Tips & Ideas from Winnie & Gerran’s Engagement Session

Engagement sessions are becoming more and more popular with soon to be married couples for various reasons. First of all, it’s a great option to share romantic pictures with your family and friends as your ‘Save-the-Date’. What can be more appealing and inviting than seeing a happy couple smiling from the card?  Secondly, it’s an opportunity to get more relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera, which will become truly useful on the wedding day. If bride and groom feel awkward about the photographers following them around on the wedding day, do you think the pictures look good later?  That’s why having your wedding photographer involved in your engagement session is a great idea. And last but not least, engagement session is just a way to have fun, be yourself, and have this really personal experience be captured for many future years to come.

Oh, but why am I only talking about photography? Engagement videos (not just wedding videos) are also in trend nowadays!

Our couple Winnie & Gerran decided to have their engagement video filmed in Hong Kong, — the city where they now happily live, where they met each other and where their love story started to grow.

The video is a brief story of how they met, fell in love and started dating. However, the storyline goes far beyond that and shows us the passion that both Winnie and Gerran share with each other: their common interest in cooking and good food. It’s such a simple subject and also such a big part of our everyday life, but if we think about it —seeing this beautiful couple get inspired and creating some of their personal culinary masterpiece in their kitchen is so symbolic of love.
Winnie is also a distinguished pianist, so that found its reflection in this beautiful video as a background.

We invite you to watch it with us and maybe even tune into the beat of their hearts.

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Tips for engagement session

  • Find your common passion and tell the world about it

You like cooking? Or maybe long city walks and hearty talks in local coffee shops?
Are you passionate dancers? Or globe trotters? Every couple is unique and so should be your visual story. Don’t be shy and share these ideas with your photographer or videographer! Besides, you’re going to be so much more comfortable doing what you like, even in front of the camera J

  • Have some fun

Don’t get too serious about it. Engagement session is supposed to be enjoyed and you need to have some fun. Fool around, laugh, smile, kiss!

  • Choose the good place

Photographers might know some really great places for pictures, but only you know the places that make your heart jump. It can be the bar where you met, or the coffee shop where you had your first date, the beach from your first holidays together.. If you’re planning on your engagement session during your trip to a new place — even better! Fresh impressions and emotions can make it more vivid J

  • Dress to impress

Girls tend to get especially nervous about the way they’re dressed on the pictures. First rule to remember — you need to feel comfortable in the clothes you choose. If you never wear high heels, it might not be a good idea to try them now for the lifetime pictures. Place that you chose also plays an important role and if shorts and bikini are good for the tropical island vibe, it’s better to stick to a light romantic dress when in a city.

Engagement session ideas

If you’re still hesitant about your engagement session theme, here’re some of our favourites:

 For nature lovers:

—    Forest stroll

—    Sunset beach walk

—    Field picnic

For city dwellers:

—    Graffiti search quest

—    Coffee shop date

—    Picnic in the park

—    Bike ride

—    Movies and popcorn

—    Rooftop adventure

For home sitters:

—    Home baking session

—    Early morning bedtime tenderness


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