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Koh Samui Wedding: Wedding day is a tremendously an important day in each person’s life. Two people joining their fates together, happy tears, special wishes, lots of laughter, tons of fun. We often speak about weddings, and we’re happy to be a part of so many of them, but there’s always been this part of Read more ..

Makeup in today’s world is nowhere near the makeup known to people many decades ago. Different makeup techniques have been developed and given fancy names that could be mistaken for terminologies in fine arts. Now, you hear about airbrush makeup techniques. Airbrush for fine arts students is the technique of rendering colors on a drawing Read more ..

In every wedding, people bother much about what the bride will wear and no one seems to think that the groom is just as concerned to look his best on the big day. And while groom’s suits don’t make the “oohh’s” and “aahh’s” from the spectators, they nonetheless are coordinated with what the brides wear. Read more ..

Wedding dresses should make every woman the most beautiful bride ever. There are many different styles or types of wedding dresses and the choice mostly depends on the woman’s personal preference and taste, stature (royalty, celebrity or VIP), social status – the rich and famous, cultural and religious traditions, etc. But at the end of Read more ..