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Wedding invitations in this day and age of Internet and technology advances, have never been this creative, unlike a few decades ago when most, if not all wedding invitations go by the classic and traditional letterpress type. Nowadays with multi-media overflowing, engaged couples are just teeming with fresh ideas on how to make the wedding Read more ..

“Save the Date” is a notice on the date of a significant event such as a wedding. The purpose is to notify those likely to be interested or affected by the wedding event so that they can keep the notified date free from other commitment. Couples who have “set a date” for the wedding can Read more ..

For every bride and groom, their wedding day is the most important part of their life which they want to share with family and friends. And every wedding requires an entourage who will play supporting roles for the wedding ceremony. The bride and the groom should agree on who they want to participate in their Read more ..

Set Your Date Choose a date in your favorite season, or one of emotional significance, like the day you first met or first kissed. Before you set your date in stone, check with the people most important to you and be sure they’re available to attend. If you start planning a little late, or if Read more ..

Create Your Guest List Begin your guest list with your families. This might seem like a given, but they have to eat too, and they’ll figure in your head count. If your heart is set on a particular venue, find out how many people the site accommodates before you finalize your list. Focus on people Read more ..